Sunday, 27 May 2018

Top 10 New Features of Windows 8.1

Windows 8 hasn’t exactly been the biggest hit with PC users since it launched in October, but Microsoft is looking to change that with its first major update to the OS—Windows 8.1. Unveiled earlier this summer, the update brings a slew of features that Microsoft promises are based on user feedback and concerns.

The long-rumored update, previously code-named Windows Blue, adds enhancements that make it easier to navigate the Windows 8 ecosystem in addition to improving the overall app experience.  The new update may look and feel just like Windows 8 at first, but there are some key additions that are worth knowing about. Here’s a roundup of our favorite new features to debut with Windows 8.1. Before you check this features on your pc, you just need to activate your Windows 8.1 os. You can get surely authenticated keys for free. Check here product key for windows 8.1 and get it free.

·         App tiles:

It's not exactly a headline feature, but Windows 8.1 gives you more control over the size of your app tiles on the Start screen. Right-click on a tile, choose 'Resize' from the menu at the bottom and there are four different options to pick from: Large, Wide, Medium and Small.

·         Lock screen slideshows:

Having a static photo as your lock screen picture is so Windows 8. Join the Windows 8.1 revolution by configuring a slideshow of several images instead - on the Lock screen page under 'PC and Devices' in the Settings app there's a new Slideshow entry, complete with a variety of configuration options.

·         Name app groups:

Each of your Start screen app tile groups can have its own heading now if required. You could name one group 'Work' and one 'Play', to be completely unoriginal and dull, for example. Right-click on the Start screen and choose to Customise to bring up the labels.

·         Display tweaks:

Your screen resolution configuration and other related settings can now be accessed straight from the Start screen without venturing to the desktop or the Control Panel. Choose 'Settings' from the Charms bar, then 'Change PC settings', and then 'Display'

·    Disable hot corners:

In Windows 8 you needed a third-party tool or a registry hack to disable the 'hot corners' around the edges of your screen. In Windows 8.1, you can simply open up the Corners and Edges section of the 'PC and devices' settings page and turn off the corner navigation options.